Derrick Matthew

Matthew Derrick

IT Specialist

Name:Matthew Derrick
Address:1501 Twin Lakes Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922

Seeking a full-time position in the Information Technology industry. I am a self-directed, goal-oriented, team worker who is looking for a like-minded business for long term employment.


2017 - present


System Administrator

LPIC-1 is the first certification in LPI’s multi-level Linux professional certification program. The LPIC-1 validates a candidate’s ability to perform maintenance tasks on the command line, install and configure a computer running Linux, and configure basic networking.

Oct 2014 - present


The preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles.

Nov 2014 - present

CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+ is a performance-based certification that validates the hands-on skills needed to troubleshoot, configure, and manage both wired and wireless networks.

Sep 2004 - Jul 2007

The Evergreen State College

Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts

Evergreen emphasizes collaborative, interdisciplinary learning across significant differences. Our academic community engages students in defining and thinking critically about their learning. Evergreen supports and benefits from local and global commitment to social justice, diversity, environmental stewardship and service in the public interest.


Jan 2015 - Sep 2017

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Student Support Specialist - Austin, Texas

I was responsible for re-imaging Microsoft Windows computers via WDS on a weekly basis, maintaining hardware inventory and making emergency replacements as needed; often using rebuilt computers made from spare parts. I spent much of my time assisting students in the classroom with technical support and giving advice on training materials for CompTIA related certifications.

Feb 2014 - Jan 2015

Sailing Vessel, “Rock Steady”

Yacht Crew - Key West, Florida

I joined a a yacht crew in the Florida keys, and during that time I was responsible for setting up and maintaining sail sheets and other lines around the vessel. My duties also included ship maintenance, helm piloting and navigation. I often spent time at destinations piloting the ship’s dinghy, delivering crew, patrons, and supplies to and from shore.

Dec 2011 - Feb 2014

East Jesus Artist Retreat

Internet Technology Consultant - Slab City, California

At an invitation from the project’s board of directors, I became responsible for setting up and maintaining a networked system of computers in an off-the-grid artist’s retreat in the desert. I also established and maintained the organization’s online presence, including the creation of leeward and related social media accounts. During this time I successfully organized an crowdfunding campaign to raise the money necessary to make repairs to their solar panel system. Of course I also participated in the creation of art sculptures as a part of the organization’s mission to turn trash found in the desert into sustainable art.

Jason Moore

2018 Apr
Founder, Zero to Travel

When we launched our online membership site we had no clue how best to connect people via the internet while providing a high level of service. Matt had the experience to consult with us and hold our hands through the strategy then turn around and use his technical expertise to bring it all to life online. Just last week Matt saved the day and solved a technical issue we were having within 20 minutes during a critical launch. We’ve never had any major issues and our businesses have been 100% secure under Matt’s service.

Travis Sherry

2018 Apr
Founder, Extra Pack of Peanuts

Matt has been the “tech brain” behind all of our multiple six figure businesses, wearing so many hats that it’d take five paragraphs to even mention them all. He built our entire website, implemented and updated forum software that had to be used by hundreds of people simultaneously, and did a thousand other things that non-tech people like myself could never begin to comprehend.

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Address1501 Twin Lakes Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922

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